Dupenny's Paraben Free Beauty Regime!

Hello my darlings, I'm going to share with you some of my beauty secrets!

A number of years ago I started to use more natural products on my skin. After some research I was horrified to discover just how many so called ‘natural’ beauty brands had some really nasty ingredients.

Let's talk about parabens ... Now parabens are tricky little blighters! They are used in shampoos, make-up and many other beauty products to stop the growth of microbes, doesn’t sound too bad does it? However, what a lot of people don't know is that they also mimic oestrogen, so basically, they mess with your hormones. If that’s not enough to put you off there are also studies that link parabens to certain types of cancers, for example, deodorants are thought to be a contributory cause to breast cancer. There are still no definitive answers about the exact effect, but I have chosen to play it safe and go as natural as possible.

This might all seem quite scary but fear not! You can benefit from my hours of research and take a look at what’s in my bathroom cabinet … Deodorant that works without all the sinister ingredients was a very hard thing to find. I tested a lot of different brands at my weekly ballet classes, and the hands down winner is the Miessence, who are based in Australia. You can find the UK distributor Here. I love the tropical ‘Tahitian Breeze’ scent, but they also offer a fragrance-free version, as well as some other scents. I use this every day and I would say it actually works better than it’s preservative-heavy predecessor.

My favourite mascara so far has to be this Origins beauty, Ginzing. This gives me gorgeous fluttery lashes and is also kind to my eyes. I’m sad to say some 'natural' brands do include parabens in some of their products and not others. The lesson here is to always check the ingredients list before parting with your cash. Many of the more natural products need to be used in 6-12 months, but personally I wouldn't keep such products for longer than this anyway due to bacteria buildup.

A few ingredients to look out for and avoid! Ethylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, basically anything ending in ‘paraben’ is a no no!

That’s it for now my friends, but check back soon for more tips on staying pretty without the nasty chemicals.

You can learn more about parabens Here.

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