Mermaids Wallpaper is here!

I’m so pleased to present my new design – Mermaids!

A few years ago I took the Art Nouveau era as inspiration to draw 3 mermaid colouring-in pages for a project. I figured they would be easy enough to adapt into a new design – but boy was I wrong! Joining the 3 images together and making them work as a repeat pattern proved no easy task. In fact it was so difficult that I could only concentrate on it in short bursts before losing my patience or getting distracted by other business tasks. On more than one occasion I was ready to give up on the whole idea, but I struggled on...

I launched the new design as a colouring-in wallpaper at Decorex in September, and although it went down a treat with visitors it still didn’t feel quite finished to me. I can’t explain it but as an artist it’s so frustrating to be this close to the end of a project but for your work to still feel “unfinished”. You just kind of know when your work is done – or isn’t done as the case was. Here’s the design as I presented it at Decorex...

Mermaids Wallpaper Decorex

After the trade show the saga continued and I honestly thought it would never end! I printed out a repeat of the design and stuck it on the wall in front of the sofa in a desperate attempt to force my unconscious mind to think up a solution – and low and behold, it worked!!! As if by magic I had a random bright idea to black out the background in the hope that it would create a bit of contrast and depth, as it all seemed a bit “flat”. As soon as I tried it, I knew this was the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle. Just like that, my new Mermaids Wallpaper design was finished. Here’s the end result…

Mermaids Wallpaper Navy Blue

Once I had adapted the artwork (which took forever and a day), I decided to try it out in a few different colours. I ran an Instagram poll, in which people voted between Black & White (my signature pallet), Navy Blue, and Seaweed Green, and Navy Blue was the clear winner. Even the Queen herself, Dita Von Teese, cast an unexpected vote for Navy Blue!

Don't forget, we're able to customise colours, so this intricate design can be printed to match ANY interior scheme! We also have some beautiful new shimmer wallpapers coming soon and can’t wait to see how the Mermaids look with an ethereal sparkle.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or to request custom colours. I have a sneaky feeling this design will be one of my future best-sellers. I hope you like it!

Toodles Poodles

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