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It's been a log time coming but my new Mid-Century Wallpaper range is finally ready to reveal! Please put your hands together for...

mid-century wallpapers

As a designer I always have too many ideas and not enough time to bring them to life. My list is forever growing longer. I tend to be working on a number of themes in the background until I feel one of them coming together. The Vintage Dress design has been on my mind for a while (we all know how much I love dresses!) so it seemed like a good theme to go with.

Every now and then I find I have a few ideas that work well together, like a series. I had worked on a rough pitch for a project last year about women's fashion accessories, which was never used. And an 50s Atomic-style design had been on my list for some time. So when it struck me that these 3 ideas could work together it was much easier to focus on completing them as a range.

I always work in my signature black & white pallete and complete every design in monochrome first. I find this helps when playing around with the design layout and repeat. Once I'm happy with the finished layout I use the Kuler app, which is great for sourcing retro colour combinations. I usually select a few to try but I didn't need to on this occasion. I was quite pleasantly surprised with how well the orange shade works, since it's not a colour I would usually pick. Teamed with the calm green and neutral grey, I knew straight away that these were my colours! When it came to printing the final designs ready to launch in New York next week I consulted my trusty Pantone book (best £100 I've ever spent!) to make sure the printed colours were just right.

You can purchase these new creations on my Wallpaper Page along with my other designs. Of course I am also able to change the colours and can match to any Pantone shades you prefer. I LOVE customising designs for my lovely clients!

As the queen on monochrome I hardly ever say this but... I think I prefer them in colour! What do you think? Where would you use these wallpapers?

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